This world is amazing.wild flowers

The colours of flowers and autumn leaves. The sky, always changing. Birds singing their hearts out at the sunrise. Squirrels chasing each other through the trees.

And all those people and animals and plants in endless variety. Never two the same.

Don’t you just love it?


If you do, you will also have moments of sorrow. Times when your love for this world hurts, because you know its beauty is in danger.

Times when hope seems far away, because the challenges our world faces are so great and there is only one of you. What can you do about it, anyway?


Warrior's call circleWe are part of the community of life

You are right, of course. You on your own can do very little. But what if we re-discovered something that our society seems designed to hide from us? What if we realised that we are not alone?

We are all part of this beautiful planet, each of our lives an essential part of its wonder. And all of us are bound together by threads of connection. Together with the animals and the trees, with the rivers and the hills, and with each other, we are the community of life.

When we pay attention to those connections, and intentionally nurture them, they start to hum with life. They become a magical source of strength and support.

Will you make this magic with me?


We stand together for the flourishing of all beingsEarth Web me

As we find our communities, our loving connections with other people and with the spirits of our land, we become strong and resilient. We discover how much power we do have in the face of the world’s sorrow. We are not alone. We stand together for the flourishing of all life on this planet.

I have committed to making the magical connections that will weave me into community. And to sharing the story of how that is working for me.

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Will you make this magic with me?


The story so far

If you are curious about my thinking and motivation behind this adventure into community, I recommend you read these blog posts:

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And if you need reminding of just how amazing this world is, listen to this wondermental poem by my friend Liv Torc.

With love,




Wildflower Meadow by Richard Croft
Warrior’s Call Community by Alexander Tingle
Hilde with elemental banners by Maurita Van Droogenbroeck

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