Embodying power


It feels like I’ve come home. My daily practice of resting at the centre of my circle, at the centre of all that makes up me, is very nurturing. And it makes me feel, finally, solidly present and confident in myself. And that is, believe me, an wonderful thing.

The obvious next question is: how does that presence and confidence touch the world outside of me, outside of the boundaries of my Sacred Circle, outside the comfort of meditation?

It’s simple really. It can’t help but touch the world. All that power of the Centre is embodied in me. It is my breath, my heart, my blood, my body. Whatever I touch is touched by the power that I sense at the centre of me.

Trouble is, it doesn’t feel like that. When I am in resistance mode (which is a lot of the time), something other than that spacious, luminous power is touching the world. It feels much harder, more difficult, somehow more violent. I need to find a way to consciously stay with that luminous power.

The thing I’m trying is to check in with my body throughout the day. This comes up against the same old, same old block: how do I remember to remember to do it? This has the advantage, though, that doing the manual work I’m doing, my body aches quite a bit through the day. Which is a great cue to stop for a second, take note of how I’m feeling, and just give the aching muscles a little stretch.

Just becoming aware of my body and stretching creates a bit of space. It opens out my natural defences and makes room for the power inside to stretch and shine as well.

It’s just a little thing. And because it’s so small I have high hopes that this is doable and will make a difference to how I relate to the world.

A picture of me taken by Elaine Gregory at Wildways.

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