* Learn how to make your own magical connections.
* Create a personal spiritual practice of celebration and gift giving.
* Enrich your connections with the more-than-human world around you.
* Discover the joy of being alive in a vibrant world of interrelationship.
* Explore your personal path through the forest of your spirituality.

Deer Tracks mentoring programme

DeerTracksOn our spiritual paths as Pagans, some of us are blessed with a supportive community of hearth or coven or grove. But many of us seek out our paths through the forest alone.

Deer Tracks offers a companion on your path. A friend to your soul who has gone a similar way before.



Online learning

cobweb-449911_1280The Magic of Connection
Develop a daily practice of magical connection. A free nine part e-mail course straight into your inbox when you subscribe to the Westacre Newsletter.




RTMainRitual Toolkit
Explore the basic techniques and tools of ritual. Build a rich web of magical connections that will enliven your rituals with power and magic.

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